Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back From The Getaway

First Night and the Deck Was Dead

A week off work, on the high seas, in the sun proved to be just as relaxing as I had hoped. A week without my husband's cell phone and text messages singing "Go Cubs Go" or "Cubs Win! Cubs Win!" was just icing on the cake.

I knitted…guilt-free. I read magazines…guilt-free. We went on adventures, ate yummy food and most importantly spent wonderful, stress-free time together.

With only a hiccup or two, our Bahamas cruise vacation turned out very well.

The worst thing being that it's over. And the craziness at work is in full swing.

I leave you with this brief glimpse of our first night on board, in search for those amazing night skies that everyone urged us not to miss (though we had great weather each day, each night was definitely covered in clouds). As soon as I get all our photos uploaded, I'll give you some sort of recap of our week adventure.

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