Thursday, September 18, 2008

One for me, One for You: a collaborative quilting project

Quilting Inspiration
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Inspired by both Posted Stitches and Eight by Eight, I've roped my best friend, Darcy into doing a collaborative quilting project with me. Well, we haven't started it yet, but she's roped in, especially since I'm blogging about it now. I hope for us to start at the beginning of October.

It's been a few years since we've seen each other. She's what I like to call a Bohemian. She's not in one place for too long, and we always seem to just miss a chance to see each other. Currently she's in LA, but in the previous years since we started college she's been in South Carolina, back to Chicago, Madison and Hawaii.

I always say it must be her goal to live in every state. To which she proclaims…never Texas.

So anyways, the tentative plan is as follows:

• Each month we each create 2 pieced squares that are "identical". One for me, one for her.

• Each month we provide the other person with a patterned fabric we like to work with on their squares. At the beginning of the month we send the fabric and the previous month's finished square - Yay for monthly fun mail!

• Each month we would make a different type of square. And there would be a few months where we would have requirements. A few of the ideas I came up with are: embroidery, embellishment, "postage stamps," & yo-yos. After trolling around flickr's quilt images (above) I think there are a few more ideas to provide some structure.

• Square size = 12". That will give us a 4 foot by 6 foot quilt when we complete a year. Perfect for curling up with a book…I think.

We're both new to quilting, so it should be an adventure. But a great way to keep us connected, since it sometimes feels like we're destined to never see each other again. ;)

Have any tips, ideas or advice? I'd love to read them (Darcy reads too)!


Lynn said...

You found some great looking quilts. I think you will have fun with your project.

Corinne in Forks, WA said...

These ideas are so much frun. My sister and I did a challenge on a similar vein, only I had found two rolls of flannel fat quarters to start with. Our blocks are 15", and the only requirement was that we had to use some of the flannel in each block. We weren't limited to the flannel, though. We had such fun, even though we were both so busy, we didn't make it monthly. We did make two blocks each round, one to keep and one to send. Now we just have to figure out how to get together to finish them!
Don't forget to sign and date your blocks! I kept the letters my sister sent with the blocks where she talked about her ideas and thoughts about the blocks, too. They'll probably be copied onto fabric and become the backing.