Sunday, September 28, 2008

Guilt-Free Knitting

Cozy Up for Fall
Project #24 & #25 in '50 in 2008' Challenge - Meathead Hat & 2x2 Rib Scarf

Everyone say 'hello' to my new styrofoam head.

So I've been wanting a head form for such a long time. Occasionally searching ebay for a glass head, a mannequin head (like this one) or even a simple styrofoam head. All always cost much more than I was willing or had at the time, but the desire has always been there.

Then while we were on vacation, we stayed at the Miami Mart hotel, conveniently located next to the Miami Merchandise Mart. And right near the entrance of the hotel as a displays store. You could buy all kinds of display items, from dress forms to jewelry trays…but not head forms. Much to my chagrin.

Meathead Hat
Project #24 in '50 in 2008' Challenge - Meathead Hat

But the active desire was awakened, so since we've been back I've been searching the internet for a reasonable deal. Found some good ones, but once adding shipping I just didn't feel like spending $10 on a foam head.

Then yesterday I dragged Mike to the local yarn store (LYS) and noticed they had a couple foam heads displaying class projects. So while ringing up my order, I asked if they had any they'd be willing to sell me…as Mike scoffed at my side.

The owner went into the back room, came out and offered me a head with a chipped base for $3 and I jumped on it.

Now I am the owner of a head model, just in time too because I had this hat to share that I knit while on our cruise. I utilized the great weather we had yesterday and had myself a little photo shoot for a few projects I've wrapped up over the past two weeks. And I was really happy with the results…so there's quite a few pictures.

2x2 Rib Scarf
Project #25 in '50 in 2008' Challenge - 2x2 Rib Scarf

I knit up a winter set for Bray's birthday gift this year, a Meathead Hat and a 2x2 Rib Scarf (that I improvised). Finished the hat on our first day of the trip with our immense amount of time chilling in the Miami hotel room. Well…all but the crayon holster which I added a few days ago while watching the Thursday night TV lineup. And the scarf was knit in a few days, thanks again to a lot of time chilling in the Miami hotel room and in the airport/in the air on the back end of our trip. Ends were weaved in during Thursday night TV as well (we watch A LOT of TV on Thursday night…thank goodness for DVR to make that possible).

It was so awesome to be able to finish two projects in less than two weeks. Especially two knit projects. I can almost never do that unless I get crazy motivated, psychotic. I know it's weird that I was knitting with double stranded chunky yarn in Miami at the end of summer, but it was great! No dishes I should have been doing. No puppy I should have been playing with. No vaccuuming that should have been done. I wish that could happen more often.

But alas, we live in a country where vacation days are at a minimum. Perhaps I should move to England, they have an insane amount of mandatory vacation, right?

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