Monday, September 29, 2008

Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jinglin'

Christmas Pillows
Project #26 in '50 in 2008 Challenge' - Christmas Pillows

While my puppy was shredding the sheets on our bed this weekend, I was making these. Irony, no?

Though I could be pegged as a bad owner, I have to say she was being really sneaky. In the room right next door to me and being oh so quiet. I should have known something was up when she wasn't at my feet trying to eat my chair.

When I finally did hear her, and went to check on her in the dark room, she crouched stock still within the covers thinking if she didn't move I couldn't see her. Ahh, she looked so cute…but she was so bad. Luckily she only made it through the sheets and mattress pad, but not the actual mattress.

So after putting her to sleep for the night, I was able to finish these throw pillows for our holiday couch. I only wish I could have found a green with white polka dot fabric instead of my green snowflakes. Then it would have been Christmasy without being too Christmasy. Plus I'm really starting to dig the mixing of patterns. Ever since I did that birthday banner, I'm kinda hooked.

The only question is what I can use the technique on next. Any idea?

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Megan said...

:) I loved that birthday banner. I have the jpeg saved and I'm planning on making a banner of it with the letters "MERRY CHRISTMAS" on one side and "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" on the other. I think it makes the same number of flags.

You could always do coasters or bunting? You could try to make a circular stuffed wreath from a mixture of patterns - hang a couple of bells on it and you'd have a really sweet christmas decoration.

And I love that one fabric you used for the pillows - White background with all those random pink, red, green, and light blue shapes.