Monday, October 06, 2008

One for Me, One for You: And So It Begins…

October 2008 - Sarah's Choice
My October choice fabric - Heather Ross - Lightning Bugs & Other Mysteries

Our adventure begins. The best thing about this project (besides staying connected with my great friend) is allowing myself to get the fabric I've been coveting, but never felt justified in buying. One because of the price, but more importantly because a lack of project. The only problem is I've waited so long to get these fabrics that they are tough to come by.

It will be interesting to see how we each incorporate the other's fabric into our own style. I must apologize now, Darcy, you'll probably be getting some crazy fabrics from me. I'm sure you'll be much more sensible than I, because tough I'm beating you in the "grown up" game, you've always been the more mature of the two of us. :)

October 2008 - Darcy's Choice
Darcy's October choice fabric - Holly Holdermann for Lakehouse Dry Goods - On Pins & Needles

After sitting on Darcy's fabric for a week, mine has finally arrived so fat quarter cutting is on the agenda tonight so fabric-y goodness will be on its way to the sunshine state (that's California, right? Or is it Florida?).

And if the quilting gods weren't smiling down on me enough, I woke up to an email from Beverly of Taccolina. That's like getting an email from a celebrity, it was she and Jennifer of CraftSanity that inspired me to rope Darcy into this little collaboration. And she was just checking in to see how we were doing and if I'd like to join their
new flickr group. Even though we're not going to be exactly art quilts - I might try and push Darcy towards that "feel" - hopefully we'll be accepted because since we're new to quilting, it's all ART and a CHALLENGE, right?!

So keep tuned as the month fades away for an update on what we each came up with. It'll be exciting…and hopefully not a disaster. Wish us luck!

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