Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Craft Archives: Volume 1

First knitting project - detail

Before there was Craft N Clutter, I blogged at a few different places. Mostly about what I did in the day-to-day, but near the end I started to get more seriously into crafting/creating. As I started creating more and posting the results, I realized I needed a fresh start (which after much agonizing over a name, became Craft N Clutter).

Since very few of you have been with me since the beginning (besides Mike, I think the only person would be Stacey - hi Stacey!), I thought I would share some of my earlier exploits into the world of craft. I went through my archives, so I'll try not to share something I already shared (in desperation) before.

If you can't tell, this mad rush to get our house ready for Thanksgiving has put a halt on crafting. Cooking is at a minimum. And well, the home projects have got me hung up…I just can't decide on a frame arrangement for above the mantle or the perfect place for my PEZ cabinets.


This first dive into the Craft Archives is my very first knitted project. A baby blanket for Braydon. I learned I was going to be an aunt a few months after I started to teach myself to knit, and this was my choice for the first project (after the requisite garter stitch rectangle). Though I didn't work on it continuously, it took me well over a year to complete. Actually more like a year and a half, just in time for Bray's first birthday. He had already outgrown the blanket, we may have forced him to use it a few times and more than likely he had some sort of accident on it that cause me panic to advise my sister how best to clean it.

But he has it and one day can pull it out and say "Aunt Sarah made me this?! Why is it so crooked?" Hopefully he doesn't equate my love for him with my poor beginning knitter craftsmanship. ;)

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Stacey said...

I remember that blanket! I loved it (even if it was crooked). I'm sure it's been much loved.

See, now you're a knitting goddess! I hope I can catch up someday. :)