Thursday, November 13, 2008

Craft Archives: Volume Two

Second Knitting project - Team Zissou hat

My second knit project, actually completed months before the first…a Team Zissou knit cap for Mike.

Knit up for Mike's birthday to be presented with the "Life Aquatic" DVD back before we were married.

It went so fast, just a couple nights of watching tv, that I am convinced this hat should be "the" beginner knitting project.

No new knitters listen to me though.

It's quick. You get nearly instant gratification, unlike a scarf, and you utilize both the knit and purl stitch right off the bat.

So, my PSA tonight is "Beginning knitters, don't fear the purl. Save yourself the heartache and knit a hat first."


Anonymous said...

All right, you've convinced me. Email me the pattern and I'll try knitting the hat. PS-I put the finished square and your fabric for next month in the mail today. Only 2 weeks behind schedule! - Darcy

Stacey said...

But purling is scary!! I promise I'll try a hat after my scarf of doom is done :)