Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One For Me, One For You: October Results

October Square - Sarah
Sarah's October Square
Project #32 in '50 in 2008 Challenge'

October Square - Darcy
Darcy's October Square

The long awaited results of month one in the "One for Me, One for You" collaborative quilting project!

My road to this finished square was not terribly difficult. Though I did struggle with coordinating fabrics, and I hope I get better at it as time goes on. When I initially finished the square, it looked rather blah. So after a couple weeks of contemplating what to do, I decided on the trusty Stitchettes, choosing a pair that looked relatively like myself and Darcy. Doing them in whitework (there's redwork & bluework, so there's gotta be whitework, right?) helped add some interest without muddying the whole thing with too much detail.

Darcy, on the otherhand, had a more rockier journey. From what I hear this is actually the 4th square she created. The first being too simple (I had the same problem). The second being too lop-sided. The third which she hand stitched (impressive) but wasn't crazy how the fabrics coordinated (sounds familiar). Then finally on the fourth square it all came together. Turned out cute, right? And not only that, but Darcy has decided that she's going to hand stitch all her squares. Talk about dedication…she always has to one up me! I decide to sign and date my squares and she has to go all zen on hers, making them in a meditative state.

It's exciting to finally share these and can't wait to start on the next. Fabrics have been sent for round 2 of the collaboration, which will be spanning November and December this time around, so I'll share those a little later.

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linnea said...

Sarah, these are awesome :o) I love the color combinations you chose. What a great eye you've got :o)