Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Area Is Finally Clear.

TV Cabinet and Mantel

Tonight you finally get a look at the corner TV console Mike built for our living room. I managed to finally make a decision and complete hanging pictures above the mantel last night. Tonight random bits of picture hanging materials (levels, hammers, etc) were moved out of view and keepsakes from our vacation placed.

Our living room is small (well, all the rooms in our house are small, it's an old house) made even smaller by a large couch (and up until a month or two ago a huge chair). Up until a few weeks ago, our tv sat on our old entertainment console that was awkwardly angled to "fit" in the space (see here). But finding a corner TV unit proved more difficult than I would have ever imagined.

We didn't want the kind that you typically find at Target. Open shelves. Chrome. Black.

We wanted a real piece of furniture, but according to several furniture store people I spoke with, there just isn't a demand anymore so they don't carry them in their stores (I guess most people have larger rooms than us).

I found one or two online I would have been ok with ordering, but for that kind of money, you really want to love the piece, not just be OK with it.

So Mike set out to build one, and after a couple weeks of hardwork during his free time, we had this!

There's not a ton of storage space for DVDs like our old unit, but it tucks nicely into the corner, each of us has a separate spot to store our favorite DVDs (like 10) and the entire bottom cabinet can hold blankets and pillows! That was my huge requirement in acquiring this and the foyer table. I needed a place to store our lap blankets, since we don't have a ton of storage space in the house and having a quilt rack out in the open just lent itself to having junk thrown on it with blankets still on the couch. Plus the doors are constructed so they can't be left open, a definite plus in helping everything looking neat and tighty.

Now that the cabinet is in use and photos are hung above the mantel, the next step is to recover our armchair. It currently is the sore, red thumb in a room of calm greens, blues and browns. And then spice up the mantel a bit. It's current state will do for now, but it is a bit sparse.

But with Thanksgiving a week away, the home projects need to wrap up ASAP. Food prep begins this weekend, as well as deep cleaning and hopefully a cute placemat to help my nephew celebrate.

Yikes, on top of obedience class with Nibbler, that's a really busy weekend.

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mom said...

The cabinet works really well in the room...good job mb! I love the way the pictures round out the room...everything is looking terrific!