Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tricked Out.

Grape Leaf Swifty
Project #1 in '50 in 2009 Challenge' - Grape Leaf Swifty

Isn't it a bummer when all the twinkle lights come down and the house goes back to normal?

It's like Christmas didn't even happen.

We finally made the transition back to normal life this past weekend, so Christmas spirit has been snuffed out. And not one project to show for it's (slight) extended stay.

Really, I blame my local Joann's for not carry felt in the colors I wanted to create new stockings and a matching tree skirt. I was gung ho way back on January 2, my day off from work, when I went shopping, but came home sorely disappointed.

Yet the giving spirit of holiday crafting continues on.

Grape Leaf Swifty

I've been working on some presents for my mom's upcoming birthday, per her request (so I'm cool with showing them already though her birthday isn't until next month).

While visiting at Christmas, I showed my mom the latest Mason-Dixon knitting book and she immediately found something she wanted (three of). And considering it was a sweater, or anything else that was so time-consuming, I happily obliged as soon as the new year began (and I had wrapped up a couple projects hanging out there).

So as y'all were making resolutions to lose 10 pounds, to exercise everyday and to finally get that extra room clean, I started knitting up some helpers in a resolution to keep a cleaner (though my mom would never need to resolve to do that), greener house…Swiffer covers.

In the past couple weeks, I've knit up 2…well actually the equivalent of three, but that's because I misread the pattern while watching tv. So now I have one completed Swifty that perfectly fits my mop (and my mom's because I made my dad measure it), having learned from my mistakes and a second that almost fit my dog, which is currently being ripped back from its completed state.

Yes…I finished up the whole thing before I thought to try it on an actual Swiffer. Buttons and all.

And let me tell you what a PAIN it is to rip back the ball band pattern. The mulitple colors, the slipped stitches, yikes! At the rate I'm going it's going to take at least a month to get back to a point where it will actually fit the mop head. I really should just start a new one, but it has to happen eventually so I say better now than later.

Now you know what I'm up to if you don't hear from me for awhile.

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linnea said...

That is so cool! Your swiffer would definitely beat mine in a beauty contest.... mine is kind of beat looking! I just wrap a towel around mine and secure it with stretched out hairbands around the ends. It works :o) but I still like yours better.