Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air

Quilt Wall

Nothing like the first 60 degree day of the season to make you feel the urge to scrub sinks and stove tops. To get outside and utilize the sun and non-snow-covered ground (despite everything being very wet and soggy) for some photographs. To open the windows just to get a breath of fresh air (though we've decided that perhaps it's not the best idea to do that right now).

Nibbler's basking in the sun on the deck with a favorite piece of firewood.

I'm tackling a bit of spring cleaning while the sun and temperature has me energized. With some breaks outside, just to enjoy the feeling of being outside with only a long sleeve tee shirt and jeans on. No wool jacket, no long underwear, no hat, no mittens, no scarf, no sweater!

And Mike is on a home improvement binge.

It's amazing what a change in weather can do. If even for only a few days. I know we don't have it too bad here in the heartland, but winter can be very long, hampering the best attempts at high spirits.

Winter is far from over, but hopefully the next few days of mild temperatures will give our spirits the boost we need to make it through the next month or two of winter without major cabin fever setting in.

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