Thursday, May 21, 2009

One for Me, One for You: Additional Inspiration

Quilt Inspiration - 2
1. Whirlygiggles Quilt Top, 2. hello, Fall. [little quilt no. 1], 3. Dexter's quilt, 4. Pink Charm Quilt on design wall, 5. Matrjoska doll quilt, 6. little quilt, 7. string quilt blocks, 8. Doll Quilt, 9. New quilt

Yesterday I was feeling pretty uninspired about my quilt squares, so I decided to do something about it. I went on a quilt search through flickr, like the one I did to start us off back in September. It seems to have helped, I have an idea for the April fabric (hint, it's pictured above), but it will involve me purchasing new coordinating fabric. I don't think there's anything in my stash that will do. At next craft group, I'll probably take a break from my Shoulder Warmer and start on May's square as well. It's a more time-extensive idea that hopefully I can finish up before the end of June. And I have an idea for another square…I just have to wait for the right fabric to roll around.

It's fun being inspired, isn't it?

If only this was rubbing off on my actual work load as well. Today I got a wonderful brainstorm for creating a custom recipe box, which has me scoping out ebay for deals on a Yudu. Yikes, right? A personal screen printing machine sounds awesome, and the price tag sure does match but if I came across a deal on ebay, I would be out of my mind not to jump on it.

The past few days I've been rededicating myself to a little thing called exercise. I bought a new fitness game for the Wii on Tuesday (EA Sports Active), and am so far thoroughly impressed. It actually is a workout. As Mike put it the other day, I was "damp" from my 20 minute workout. I'm on day three of a 30 day challenge, and I'm pretty serious about sticking with it. It's much easier to stick to so far than Wii Fit because it actually is like a personal trainer. The game decides what I do on a given day, keeps the exercises going at a pretty smooth pace and has variety. I do much better when it's not up to me to decide what exercises to do - where on Wii Fit I'd do the things I was more comfortable with. Tomorrow is my first rest day, but I think I'll supplement some Wii Fit yoga just to keep in a groove without straining my body too much.

In addition, to my new dedication to some physical activity, we have also been working around the house in preparation for this weekend's birthday celebration. First landscaping the front yard early in the week, and the past couple days I've been working on the upstairs. The craft room is probably the cleanest and most organized that it has every been and the rest of the upstairs was finished up tonight. Heck I even cleaned out the bathroom linen cabinet and my drawer. Old things were tossed (or recycled), items were organized, it's amazing. There were probably more pressing things that should have been done, as our downstairs has become a disaster while focusing on other parts of the house, but I figured while I had the motivation I better do it.

All of this plus the strive to blog more regularly has definitely kept me up way past my bedtime. I haven't been sleeping in any later, but then again I was getting up pretty late anyways so if I let myself stay in bed any longer I would be late for work every day. I'm sure I'll crash one of these days, but it's nice to be busy with actual things and not sitting around watching an hour or so of tv at night. It's funny because I'm always disappointed at the end of the tv season, but then I realize how much more time I have.

I have some pretty big food plans for this weekend, so hopefully I don't relapse into my time-suck ways because it would be nice to get some knitting or quilting in too during the long weekend. And let's hope for some sun and in return some good craft and food pics to share next week!

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