Thursday, May 07, 2009

Secret Confession: #1

I sometimes daydream of being a postal worker. Ok, not just a postal worker because a lot of people are mean and rude to the workers inside the post office, but a walking mailman.

There I said it.

On beautiful days, I often envy our friendly mailman, OJ, at work. From what I can tell he has the ideal route - downtown. The only negative perhaps is the walking up and down the stairs in offices like ours.

He's there rain or shine, always with a sunny disposition.

I mean imagine having a walking route. Not stuck sitting at a computer all day. Breathing fresh air. Getting some exercise…while you're at work.

Sure some days it would suck. It could be pouring. Or 100 degrees plus humidity. Or trudging through a foot of snow.

But every day you're out and about. Seeing people just long enough to exchange a happy greeting or a well wish for the weekend. Then you're on your way. Off in your own world. Heck you can probably even where headphones, listen to music or podcasts or books - I know I've seen our weekend home mail guy in headphones before.

I really have no idea what your other duties are as a walking mailman, but some days…sigh, it seems like the job for me.

We're all allowed our little daydreams, right?

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Jenna Z said...

Me too! Mike wants to be a bus driver and I want to be a mail carrier! Even in the snow and rain, I think I could be enthusiastic about NOT being stuck on my butt all day pounding out keyboard strokes. Think of the exercise you'd get! Think of the sense of accomplishment each day, finishing your route, having delivered all those packages and letters and catalogs and then, you're done for the day! No projects waiting for you the next day and the next day and the next! Just deliver the mail. Let's do it!