Friday, May 08, 2009

WIP Friday: On the Road

Shoulder Warmer WIP

As ten o'clock rolls around we're finally into the ole hometown. Nibbler has plenty of energy after being cooped up in the back seat for nearly 4 hours, so I have at least an hour or two before I can head to bed.

Luckily the car trip up was nearly uneventful. I say, nearly because despite beautiful weather, minimal traffic and something to listen to on the radio that we both agreed to, the trip started kinda rocky on our way out of town. We decided to stop at the local DQ for a after dinner treat.

Every trip to this DQ is disasterous. But it's the only fast food place on our way out of town, so when we travel we often stop.

You'd think, how could Dairy Queen mess up an ice cream cone or two? But they did, folks! Mike received his first and it was mush. Ok, he's a pretty go with the flow guy so he was going to suck it up, but as the server brought out my dipped cone (I can't believe they don't have Cherry Dip!), I spoke up for him. Yes, I'm the outspoken ones in situations like these, shocking, I know. So the server said, ok I'll make another, as I'm looking woefully at my even more pathetic mushy the dip couldn't set.

In the 3-4 minutes before someone came to tell us the server needs to refreeze the ice cream, I sat looking at my chocolately, drippy, mushy cone, discussing with Mike a course of action and swearing to NEVER return, as we always do.

When the server returned with Mike's new cone, she asked, "is this one better?" as the ice cream looked even mushier than before, practically a puddle in a cone.

My answer, as Mike stuck his toungue in, was "No, not at all. Can we have our money back?" And once our 4 dollars and change (for 2 cones!) was in our hands we drove off, now at least 15 minutes behind schedule and no ice cream in our tummies.

So I state once again, we will not be going back. No matter how good a Blizzard sounds, or how desperate we are for a burger on the road after work. Because everytime we stop, we are provided lack luster service, incredibly long waits (I assume DQ does not have service time quotas like McDonald's) and food that leaves much to be desired.

Road Trip
Nibbler: Never too sure on the ride up. But always fast asleep on the ride back.

But after got back on the road, the trip was clear (I say this now as it begins to thunder and pour a half hour after arriving) and rather productive for me at least.

I've begun working on my first adult-sized knitted garment, and it's actually for myself! Three gauge swatches, three needle sizes smaller and I slight set back that required me to rip out the first 10 or so rows I had completed yesterday, I am on my way to having a Shoulder Warmer of my very own.

And though I'm nowhere near completed, it kept me occupied for several hours in the car and the easy stitch pattern and use of stitch markers made it possible for me to work well into the waning light, stopping only when it had become pitch black.

Here's to hoping everything still checks out ok in the morning light.

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