Monday, May 11, 2009

Secret confession #2

I am so addicted to talk radio that every day at lunch I listen to Agri-Business Today on our local AM sports radio station (don't ask me to explain that one).

And let me tell you, don't start talking about this "swine" flu around me because I will promptly tell you about the affect that phrase is having on the pork industry. How pork futures are down, despite not knowing what a future really is.

I can tell you how corn planting is way behind schedule. Severely off the five year average and even off last year's pace which was behind too.

I'm not sure why I like talk radio so much. Why I prefer to listen to podcasts and audio books instead of music to get through the day. It's just the way I've always been (besides that brief fling I had with alternative rock/pop stations in high school). When I was young and my dad drove me to school we'd listen to Jonathon Brandmeir and when I was lucky I'd get to hear Kevin Matthews at mid-day, and they'd make me laugh. And laugh pretty hard. I'd relish in the days off school when I could listen to the whole line up, from the morning drive right thru the drive home.

I like being able to laugh. To learn the news in quick bits. To just hear people talk. To hear the soft rhythm of a voice.

I guess I've always just been a listener.

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