Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Night Craft Group

Tuesday Night Craft Group

Tuesday nights for a couple hours each week, two other women and myself get together at the local Panera to do some crafting among those who "get" it.

We sip drinks (my drink of choice the past couple week, strawberry smoothie…yum) and knit (crochet/embroider/etc) and talk about whatever comes to mind. Whether its frustrations with a project, weekend adventure, job exasperation, favorite tv shows, whatever.

As I can't really crochet (besides my picot edging), I often try to convince the other two who do crochet to work on patterns and projects that I've admired. I've been successful so far in only one attempt, but from what I hear it's a great pattern.

After working on only hats since we first started meeting a couple months ago, the past few weeks I surprised my companions by working on my Shoulder Warmer. A shrug of my very own.

So far it has turned out to be a good pattern for craft group night. It's stockinette and uses stitch markers so I really don't have to keep count, which we've all found is tough to do when you're trying to hold a conversation.

Besides LOST night, craft group night is a nice way to add some anticipation to the week. A great motivation to get out of the house and interact with others. It's nice to be forming some friendships again, a tough thing to do when you work for a tiny company where there aren't a ton of people in your everyday life.

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M said...

Like your yarn choice. Can't wait to see it done!