Friday, June 12, 2009

3 States, 2 Days

3 States, 2 Days
check Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky off the list.

City View Bar in Cincinnati
After winding through the hilly streets of Cincinnati, we met up with a couple of Mike's Cincy friends at a tiny bar overlooking downtown and the river.

Great American Ballpark
2 days, 2 extra innings games…lucky for us, the Cubs actually won one.

Cincinnati Chili Fries in Kentucky
the local fare: Cincinnati Chili (in fry mode)
actually eaten in Kentucky…hmm.

Mid-Game Sunday CrowdExtra Innings Sunday Crowd
Sunday's crowd: mid-game vs extra innings

By the 13th Inning…
We stuck it out, were sweetly rewarded - a Cubs win in the 14th inning - and then punished for staying in Cincy so late come Monday morning when it was time to get up for work.

So this past weekend, Mike and I picked up his brother and headed to Cincinnati for a couple of Cubs games. I'd never been east of Illinois (except flying to Florida & South Carolina) - I know, I know, I sound like such a bumpkin but I have traveled extensively in the west - so it was a pretty big trip for me, you know seeing the sights of places like Indiana. Which despite it's similarity to Illinois, I think it's interstates have more trees (or at least the one we were on). Ohio, on the other hand, was pretty different. Hilly. Very hilly - with lots of trees. Like scary hilly. My first question to the native while windy through the city to meet at a bar, "does it snow a lot here?," with pure horror in my voice.

We caught a lot of free baseball, as Mike likes to put it, both games went into extra innings. And enjoyed the wonder known as "Cincinnati Chili." Runnier than a typical chili and seasoned with cinnamon or nutmeg, it is definitely an acquired taste. Not bad, just not what you're expecting - and the obsession with it has me perplexed. But I guess every city has their food specialty, right? When you serve it on french fries with a pound of grated cheese, though, you really can't go wrong.

It was a quick trip, but a welcome relief to get out of town.

The only downside came Monday morning, after rolling into town after midnight and needing to love up the Nibbler, waking up for work was nearly impossible.

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