Monday, July 27, 2009

Masochistic Mondays: The Beginning

So this should be considered the "Clutter" part of CraftNClutter, I never really thought I'd put this information out there, especially here, but I think I need the accountability. Be warned, as of now, Masochistic Mondays will become a regular spot here. If you're not into it, have rude things to say or anything else negative, come back Tuesday - I plan on following up each Monday with something…anything, really, so my (unfit) fitness stats aren't front and center for any length of time. As my little space in the cyber world, this is about me and my struggle to make fitness a priority.

July 26, 2009: The Beginning
Sunday, July 26, 2009

This is me, as of Sunday afternoon.

5 foot, 9 and a half inches. Just shy of 188 pounds. The heaviest I've ever been, granted, not by much - I think I topped out at 182 prior to leaving for college 9 years ago.

Unlike the stereotypical college freshman (I never have been a follower), I did not gain the freshman fifteen, I actually lost about 35 and another 15 by the time I returned home from studying in Italy the summer before my senior year. Crazy, I know. I didn't even try. But a cafeteria full of "home-style" meal choices, a new friend turned boyfriend who turned his nose up at soda and needing to trek across campus several times a day was good for me.

Senior year was a bit rougher on my body. The majority of my classes being held in the same building nearly eliminated my cross-campus treks. The stress of high level class deadlines, and my tendency to turn to Dr Pepper & a Milky Way when I couldn't get out of the lab for a real dinner brought me up a few pounds, but nothing drastic.

...Not until I started working a full time job a year and a few months after graduating.

Let's just say, the sedentary lifestyle of an office worker does not bode well for me.

I sit in front of a computer all day. I'm creatively drained at night. All I want to do when I get home is relax whether by watching tv, reading or doing something like knitting or cooking. Needless to say, almost 4 years after starting in the workforce, I'm back to where I started. Sadly it wasn't a gradual gain, over these past 4 years. Most came back rather quickly, and since then I've been adding a couple pounds here and there to bring me to where I am today.

After seeing a blog friend begin her journey to making fitness a priority, and being so proud (and I don't even really know her) of the progress she's made in the past few months, I realize that it is possible for me as well. Having the connection between the obtuse idea and someone I "know" has proved to being rather motivating. It probably doesn't hurt that Mike is trying to get back into running, so we can kinda take this journey together. Support is always good, right?

So Mike armed with new running shoes and me the gadgetry (a Nike Plus system for my ipod and an armband), we're off, not only becoming more active, but trying to make better choices of what goes into our bodies. Mike's not really doing anything organized, but I started the Couch to 5K running program this afternoon.

I know…me, running?!

The goal is to keep at it and participate in the local Jingle Bell run come November. That gives me plenty of time to get through the 9 week program, including some leaway if our European vacation and the inevitablity of needing to repeat a week or two if I'm not feeling comfortable moving on.

I hope to have success, but the most important part is keeping with it, which is why I've decided to put this information out there. I mean, I'm a woman so sharing my weight isn't something I like to spout off, but it's really not a secret that I'm overweight, right? I'm hoping that putting the information in this public forum, I will be more apt to stick with this because doing this kind of thing in the privacy of my own head (or even between just me & Mike) hasn't worked.

I've tried. And I've failed.

So now, you must bare with me.


Stacey C said...

Good for you! Both of us have put on about the same amount of weight since we graduated (of course, you're taller than me, lucky!) and it's definitely the sedentary lifestyle of sitting at this desk that's doing it. Who knew that short trek from Ham/Whit/Atk/Colby would be so important! I gained almost 20 lbs of this weight after coming to grad school when I stopped doing retail and standing all day.

I've been trying to lose some weight but stress is also a huge factor for me. I get home and all I want to do is crash and I know student teaching is only going to make it worse. I've been trying little things (I'm currently trying to give up Starbucks AND pop, but it's rough since I'm a sugar addict) and work out a bit more too.

You're a super woman and I know you'll be able to do it! ::hugs::

gemma said...

Good luck! I started running last April and I could hardly get around the block. I now have two half marathons under my belt and I'm training for the Chicago Marathon in October. Training programs and gadgetry have been important motivators for me. I won't run without my heart rate monitor these days. I love reviewing my data and knowing how many calories I burned. The Daily Mile ( also helps me make sure I get my runs in.

Jenna Z said...

Super Awesome!! You are a rock star, getting started is half the battle and you've made up your mind to start! You are so lucky to have an active partner, that will really help! Keep us updated!