Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cookbook Challenge: How to Eat Supper #2

Pan-Seared Deviled Eggs on French Greens
The Splendid Table's How to Eat Supper - Pan-Seared Deviled Eggs on French Greens

I have a problem eating egg yolks. For the longest time, I just wouldn't eat eggs in general. Then I moved to an occasional egg white, and now I'm venturing into eating the whole egg...but the yolk must be combined with the white, like scrambled eggs and cooked fully. Runny egg yolk will never touch this mouth.

Due to my issues with eggs (I read too many stories in my formative years about fertilized eggs - plus I don't like the yolk's taste and texture), I had never had a deviled egg before, which made me very popular at family gatherings growing up. Because me not eating my share of the deviled eggs, meant more for everyone else.

You know why I enjoyed these eggs? Because they were served hot (the only thing worse than a cold egg, is a runny yolk) and the pan-searing gave them the slight buttery taste that a quick toss in an hot oiled pan leaves. Yum. Even the salad's dressing was good, concocted of leftover egg filling whisked with oil.

I would have never thought of attempting this dish (even though the picture looks appetizing), but I'm glad I was "forced" to - it'll be a nice dish to have on hand when we're running low on food and need some protein that doesn't come in a peanut butter jar.


Wendi said...

Glad you're conquering your fear of egg yolks! The idea of a warmed devilled egg sounds 'interesting'. But as a devilled egg lover, I just may have to give it a try.

Sarah said...

Sarah, I've just spent the last hour or so clicking through your blog. You amaze me!! I don't know how you get so much done!! (Maybe I'm just lazy and get sucked into the television too often.) You cook (amazing food, too), you knit, you sew, you quilt, and you're a puppy mommy (which takes a lot!!) I just had to share that thought with you.

See you Tuesday!!