Monday, August 17, 2009

Masochistic Mondays: week 3

The Stats (August 17, 2009)
Starting Weight: 188 lbs
Current Weight: 186.7 lbs

Sigh. A weekend of family entertaining and the state fair did me in.

Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to finally try out the cheese curds and a fried candy bar (fyi, it was like a doughnut covered milky way bar - not too bad).

Though I didn't intend to "take the weekend off," I made zero smart choices when it came to food. I can't even say I stayed away from soda as I caved on Saturday and shared a pepsi with Mike at the fair and then had a small glass of sprite at our family cook out that night.

The only plus side was I continued on Couch to 5K-ing. Even though it appeared that I might have blown my streak Friday when my mom and Braydon came down. I was determined and went out Saturday morning instead while Mike cooked everyone breakfast. I'm proud to say I'm up to 3 minutes continuous jogging and I cut my mile time this past week.

The coming week will be a challenge. Jogging intervals up to 5 minutes at a time. Yikes. I'm not sure I can do that. The way I feel, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to run 30 minutes or a full 5K at a time, but I'll keep trying.

And though I didn't start the week off with a clean slate (I know, I know - I can't believe I had a leftover slice of Little Caesar's pizza, even after I saw my weight went up!), I'm determined to get back on track. And this weekend is going to be a continuation of the smart choices I make during the week, because since I started this little kick, our weekends have been a bit crazy and not condusive to a beginner making good choices when it came to food.

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