Wednesday, August 19, 2009


1st Granny Square…EVER!

Two blog posts in one day, only hours apart…this must be important.

I've just completed my first granny square. Actually my first crocheted item ever.

Self taught with a little help from Crochet for Dummies and guidance last night at craft group from Jen when I was confused as to how my "square" turned into a pentagon. I have now been crocheting for 9 days (minus 5 days that I didn't touch any yarn or hooks) - up until last night at craft group I had only been practicing different stitches on my orange swatch and tonight I finished my first square!

It actually looks pretty good. Except for one wonky bobble, which is just a bit looser than the others. Perhaps I shall start square two tomorrow while watching Gossip Girl, season 3.

ETA: I'm actually working on a baby afghan, the Lil Monkey Baby afghan, which features sock monkeys! One square down, 15 to go + 2 sock monkey faces. I'm actually thinking of making it bigger and giving it to Bray for his birthday or Christmas. Guess we'll see how it goes with the first 16 squares before I start adding more.

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Jen said...

Awesome, you finished it! Looks good. :D