Monday, August 24, 2009

Masochistic Mondays: week 4

The Stats (August 24, 2009)
Starting Weight: 188 lbs
Current Weight: 185.4 lbs

Progress. Slow and steady, but progress nonetheless.

This whole "running" thing - I say "running" because I doubt I am moving much faster than if I speed walked - is getting tougher as the days go on. Mondays seem to be my best days of the week and Fridays the hardest to get through. I'm jogging 3 & 5 minutes at a time, and by the 3rd full interval I'm thinking "Never again! I need to walk NOW!" But each day I've pushed through it - some days just barely - and starting tonight it's all 5 minute intervals, yikes. As we get closer to our vacation, I beginning to think I'll need to drop back a week or two when we return. God, I really hope I don't lose momentum upon returning because to be 100% truthful, I am not going to jog at all while on vacation. So hopefully I don't come back completely relapsed because it is still my goal to run in the Jingle Bell 5K Run this November.

Food-wise is going ok, portion control is starting to become second nature, thank goodness for the digital kitchen scale. I'm not on a diet per say (which is why pounds aren't melting off), but I'm monitoring the amount of food that goes in. I admit to enjoying two dinners out this weekend (Noodles & Co - I chose one of their under 400 cal meal options - and a couple slices of Little Caesar's pizza) and then also enjoyed one last hurrah at the state fair for lunch yesterday while picking up my entry. Though with sensible eating throughout the week, I didn't do any major damage in the weight department.

Now if I could only get my water consumption up to snuff. As the majority of our 32oz water bottles have gone missing, I've been using a 16 oz for the past week and I am definitely only drinking what is with me throughout the day with glass at lunch and another at dinner. You'd think I was in the desert needing to ration water.

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