Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When Will I Learn?

Pale Pink Stella Pixie Hat
Project #32 in '50 in 2009 Challenge' - Pale Pink Stella Pixie Hat

It only took 25 days to finish this slightly-bigger-than-baby hat. 25 days! For a hat. Granted that's from casting on my swatch gauge to completion of the little accent flower, but still that's an incredibly long time for a hat meant for a one-year-old.

Gosh, I hope it fits.

It's too small for my styro-head (but not by too much, obviously) and very stretchy, so hopefully my neglectful swatching doesn't bite me in the behind. I was just getting ready to leave for vacation, so I didn't have enough time to reswatch - I didn't want to lug an entire needle case with me. So I ended up knitting the 3-12 months size at a slightly larger gauge - thinking it should be a good size for a slightly older than one-year-old.

Most likely I will never find out if the hat's a good fit or not (the downside to making gifts for the non-crafty to give), which is bummer because I'm not really learning from my mistakes that way. I'm really trying to get myself in the proper frame of mind that swatching is important every single time. And that if the gauge isn't right the first (or second) time that means it is NECESSARY for me to do it again until I get it right. No guessing or figuring it will be ok – that is the only way I will know for sure if the item is a proper size and from there I'll just have to trust whoever created the pattern that the size knit will fit the size stated.

I just don't know why it's been such a tough lesson to learn.

Despite an ever-looming deadline (tick tock, that baby's going to be here before I know it), I'm determined to get my gauge right for my latest project, the Baby Peapod Sweater. And though I'm determined to not get lazy on my swatching, I'm really hoping it doesn't take me as long to complete this sweater as it did to make the Stella Pixie hat.

Though as long as I'm finished by our planned visit a week or two after the baby is born, I'll count myself victorious!

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