Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cookbook Challenge: How to Eat Supper #9 & 10

Greek Pot-Crushed Potatoes & Lynne's Retro Garlic Bread
The Splendid Table's Greek Pot-Crushed Potatoes & Lynne's Retro Garlic Bread

This ended up being a completely disappointing meal.

Grass-fed beef steaks from the farmer's market…slighty over cooked, so not showcasing what was probably wonderful beef.

Garlic Bread…too big of a hassle. The recipe calls for creating a melted butter mixture that is brushed over the bread. Despite clear warning to not brown the garlic, I managed to do just that. Then all the seasonings ended up getting all toasty (not in a good way) in the oven. I'll stick with a recipe for a spread that a friend passed on. Just needing to beat the ingredients together then let the oven do the work suits me much better, plus it tastes much more garlic bready. And bonus, you can store the extra spread in the fridge and have garlic bread another night with no work. Since getting the spread recipe a month or so ago, we have eaten much more garlic bread than we had been in the past half year (we used to have some frozen stuff with pasta once a week, but I've been trying to cut processed convenience foods out of our diet).

Potatoes…just not what I was looking for. When I want mashed potatoes, I want them to be creamy and a bit buttery. These are lemony. Very lemony. I'm sure they're a heck of a lot healthier for you, but considering we don't eat a ton of potatoes to begin with, I think I'll stick to a more traditional tasting mashed potato.

They can't all be winners. It just kinda stinks that so much went not right in one meal. Probably didn't help that I had so many pots on the stove, so to speak. I was juggling too much and I think it made the whole meal suffer.

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