Monday, November 02, 2009

Masochistic Mondays: week 14

The Stats (as of November 2, 2009)
Starting weight: 188 lbs
Current weight: 181.7 lbs

Well, it seems like last Monday was just a bad day. A really bad day. Though I'm not quite sure I want to believe my Wii Fit anymore, it's been really consistent this week (from Wednesday on - I've been doing a daily check) so I'll have to let go of my pessimism. It was just a shock last week that I feel like something must be wrong with it now to get me back to my average. I tried using our digital scale as a comparison, but I had managed to somehow crack the casing and it hasn't been consistent since especially since our bathroom floor isn't even. So I guess I'll have to wait until my annual doctor's visit for an official reading.

Despite some really rainy weather lately, I've still managed to go out on my 3.2 mile course pretty regularly - Wednesday & Saturday last week as it was pouring Monday. I'm getting pretty consistent in my timing, so I've stopped using my Couch to 5K app (I finished the official program a week or so ago, I've just been using it for timing prompts now). I'm now pushing myself to run through a distance landmark. It's tough, especially as the weather cools down because my legs seem to take a longer time to warm up and then tire more easily, but I do like a challenge and most days the challenge of trying to reach my point is enough to keep me going. As of my last run, I was up to running 2.4 miles straight and just shy of 3 miles total - yay.

The thing I really need to do is to actually sign up for the event. November 21 is quickly approaching and those bells aren't going to jungle themselves.

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