Wednesday, November 04, 2009

One for Me, One for You: July Fabrics

July 2009 - Sarah's Choice
My Choice - Heather Ross's West Hill Matryoshka in tan

July 2009 - Darcy's Choice
Darcy's Choice

I can't tell you how surprised I was to find that Heather Ross fabric in a fat quarter stack at Joann's. They rarely ever have the "cool" fabric that all the kids are talking about. Really I the only other time I've seen the good stuff was when the carried a bolt of Alexander Henry's Apples & Pears, like two weeks after I decided to finally order it online.

Though we're getting to the end of this project technically, I have to admit I have fallen behind on my own versions of the squares. I swear I'll catch up on of these days. I'm just not sure it can happen before the holidays.

Oh well, putting together a quilt will be a nice way to jump start my '50 in 2010' count (more likely, seriously cripple any chance of completing 50 projects next year). Despite the fact that it will probably be one crazy ugly quilt, I look forward to finally having it done. I'm kinda getting sick of the fleece blankets, especially the ones we have around. In the winter they are static city. Plus they are dog hair magnets, impossible to get completely clean…and the ones we have really don't match ANY of our decor anymore but I can't justify buying new ones. Plus it will be nice to have like my very own heirloom, especially one that's so special having been created with my best friend.

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