Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sweet Pea

Emelyn's Baby Peapod Sweater
Project #36 in '50 in 2009 Challenge' - Emelyn's Baby Peapod Sweater

No luck in finishing this in less time that it took me to knit the last baby hat, not that I really expected to, but a girl can dream, right?

I've been wanting to knit up the Baby Peapod sweater since it made the free pattern rounds a couple years ago. Luckily I was smart that time, downloaded the pattern and filed it away because it is no longer available, not even in the magazine it originally appeared in (weird situation, it was pictured in the printed magazine but you had to go online to obtain the pattern, so you can't even buy an archive edition to get it).

Almost with every project I undertake, I realize more and more what an inexperienced knitter I really am. I had more hiccups than I'd like to admit on this one, especially since I was working on a tight deadline - but being the open person I am, I'll share them.

First kudos to me for actually doing gauge swatches. My first one was off, so I started a second. Upon realizing I modified my needles in the wrong direction, I ripped out and did a third (and got it right!).

Then the trouble begins.

After trying to do the bottom ribbing chart a few times and being completely unsuccessful, I gave up and did a simple 3x3 rib. My inexperience with charts must be evident, but how was I supposed to know that I needed to pick up where I left off in the row before instead of starting for the beginning of the second row.

All went pretty well from that point on…until I started to near the end and said, "where do the buttonholes go?!" Pulled out the pattern (since I was working on straight stockinette for a long time) and started to reread from the beginning. Oh crap, the buttonholes were supposed to be worked in at the very beginning.

No way was I going to start over especially as the countdown to baby was days as opposed to weeks. Instead I resolved to make snaps work…no matter what. I've only used snaps a couple times and never on a knitted garment so I was apprehensive, but I am happy to report that all is well. It was a bit difficult to get the pieces of each snap side aligned, but in the end all 6 are strongly in place.

So all that remains is to present the gift to new little Emelyn. She won't be able to wear it until next year (I decided to make 12mo size because the smallest size in the pattern is 3mo and there is a possibility that the weather would start to turn before she could even wear it), but hopefully it still get an Aww or two.

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M said...

it turned out beautifully! You do a wonderful job and snaps look really good!