Monday, December 14, 2009

Masochistic Mondays: Week 20

The Stats (as of December 14, 2009)
Starting Weight: 188 lbs
Current Weight: 179.0 lbs

So more backslide. But more resolve as well.

I've decided to go off the soda (hopefully it will go as well as it did when I was soda-free for 2+ years). Doing well on that, nearly a week now.

And the big news...we now own an exercise bike! Last week Mike found one listed on Craigslist for $30 and since he saw it minutes after it was listed, he was the first to contact the seller. This weekend we finally got the mess in the basement cleared enough that we could place it in front of the tv. Last night, I actually rode it for 54 minutes while watching Julie & Julia. It was chilly, and my legs were jello-y when I decided to get out of the basement.

So though it's not an optimum level of physical exertion, I'll continue moving this winter - yay! I'm actually kinda excited to designate some tv shows to watch while using the bike.

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