Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Balls: a tutorial

Christmas Balls
Project #41 in '50 in 2009 Challenge'

When I started my new job three weeks ago, half my first day was spent making decorations for the office. Fun, huh? I ended up making 4 of these ornaments in the few hours we worked on them in various Christmasy colors. And then we hung them in our front windows looking out onto the plaza.

These are really elegant ornaments when finished, especially when hung at varying heights. But boy were they a little tough to figure out. Kudos to our Project Manager (and her mother) for figuring out the construction for a tiny picture off the internet.

To make one for yourself, you'll need:
- pretty paper
- approx 3" circle punch
- glue sticks
- a card stock equilateral triangle template (where all the points will touch all the edge of your circle)
- hole punch
- ribbon

1. Punch out 20 circles in various coordinating patterns
2. With the pattern side up, place your triangle template on the first circle and fold the "flaps" on each side of the triangle.
3. Repeat for the remaining 19 circles.
4. Take 5 folded circles and start gluing together (remember pattern side out). You will want all to be glued in the same direction - you'll be creating a 5-sided cone (it will kind of look like a yarmulke, especially if you're drinking mimosas).
5. Create another 5-sided cone with the next five folded circles.
6. Take one of your cones and turn it upside down. Start gluing another 5 folded circles onto the top flaps.When completed, you will have a dish with 5 crown-like points.
7. Repeat step 6 with your second 5-sided cone.
8. Your two "crown" piece can now be interlocked together - points into valleys (like monster teeth you draw when your little) - so glue the remaining flaps to adhere your two "crowns" together.
9. You now have a festive Christmas ball! Punch a small hole in one flap and attach your ribbon and hang in your windows or from your mantel.

PS: I thought I should add, I can't guarantee that this ball is one of mine. We all used the same types of papers and in doing 4, I did many of the available colors schemes that other co-workers did as well.

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