Sunday, December 06, 2009

Unclutterer: The Mystery Boxes

This is Sarah's. Keep Out or Else.
This is Sarah's. Keep Out or Else.

Since my mom brought down the last of my stuff in August, I have been dying to know what this box (as well as it's companion seen here) holds. Surely it must be something fabulous to require such warning. Perhaps all my childhood secrets scrawled in journals? No wait those were dug out a few years ago and have been residing in the guest room closet. Maybe evidence of childhood transgression? I'm pretty sure the worst thing I did was sneak Cheetos from off the top of the fridge after school while waiting for my sister to get home.

Had I lifted the boxes I probably would have known what was in them, as they were nearly light as air. But still as I hacked away at all the stuff piled in our basement, I was intrigued and couldn't wait to see what was in there.

Breaking the Seal on #1
The seal is broken.

As I cut through the tape and opened the flaps, a slight sigh of disappointment slipped through my lips. What should have been obvious from carrying the box across the basement to the worktable was visibly confirmed.

All that the boxes contained (plus 4 or 5 others) were my childhood buddies - my stuffed animals and dolls - ranging from birth I'm sure to about 11. It was fun to go through and see them all again. I remember all of them at least vaguely, and though some have very specific memories associated with them, others I just remember having and not much else.

"Well Protected" Treasures
The contents of the 2 "Keep Out" boxes.

As I pulled things out of the two "Keep Out" boxes I photographed everything in them and then in flickr wrote any recollection I have of the doll or animal in the photo description. It would be interesting to see if my mom, dad or sister have any further recollections for the pieces (Mom, I know you read this, seriously I'd really be interested to hear what you guys remember of me and these guys!). That's kind of what I was hoping this whole Uncluttering project would be like. Going through boxes, taking pictures and remembering, but as I've gone through everything I've found that a lot of the stuff I was hanging onto doesn't have much interestingness to it. It's either self explanatory (like a report card or essay) or I can't figure out why I kept it in the first place. Needless to say, it's been a lot easier going through all that stuff than I thought it would be, until I got to the stuffed animals.

Now I know you don't want to know what happens to them all, Mom, so you can stop reading if you can't bear to hear even possibilities.

But anyways...
it's not feasible to keep all of them, I mean there were at least 6 copy paper boxes filled with them. Some I have fond memories of, others I remember but they hold no special memories or feelings. So a few will stay and others will go, my hope is not to a landfill, but you never really know because though they are still in good shape some are 20+ years old, will Goodwill even take them? It's a tough decision, but I know it's the right one.

I do know that I plan on photographing every one of them in my lightbox and documenting them in flickr before they are either put back in storage or are donated. Basically what I did above but a bit more professional looking. It will be a nice little momento to remember them all by without having to keep them all.


Jen said...

Goodwill will take them. They have a huge bin of stuffed animals that little kids are always rifling through. Besides, all your old buddies look to be in good shape :D

Helen huffar said...

I guess the Cabbage patch hold the most meaning to me , they were hard to come by and were all the rage in the 80's. I think Grandpa Duarte was the one who was able to find them. You were never into playing with dolls. That is why when you wanted the American Doll I was hesitent in buying one for you and made you save your money to see if you really wanted it.

You need to do what you want and your right don't keep them for me. But I will say you may make some money of the Cabbage patch so don't donate those.