Saturday, January 02, 2010

In Which I Finish.

Front Door Draft Stopper
Project #50 in '50 in 2009 Challenge' - Front Door Draft Stopper

Ahhh, look at that!

50 projects completed in 2009, how's that for following through?

I'm not sure how I got the idea for making a draft stopper for our front door, but it came to me and it was the perfect last project of the year. Easy, which was essential considering I only had a couple day left in the month.

I actually made another one today (a bit more complicated because it stops up both sides of the door, to use on our basement door that we use as our main entrance), which jump started my mission for 2010 - "2010: The Year of Finishing Things," which includes finishing up my various stashes (and by finishing up, I mean destashing).

So instead of trying to complete 50 projects this new year, I'm just going to focus on getting things done, crafty or otherwise. Rather than share my personal New Year's Resolutions (I've been sharing a bit too much here lately ::cough cough weekly weight updates cough cough::), I've decided to outline the things I want to get least so far. I'm sure the list will just grow longer & longer as the year goes on. Hopefully I'll be successful in knocking things off as well.

- knit a winter hat to coordinate with my french yarn scarf
- use my italian yarn to knit mittens
- my May One for Me, One for You quilt square
- my June One for Me, One for You quilt square
- my July One for Me, One for You quilt square
- both August One for Me, One for You quilt square
- put together, bind & quilt my One for Me, One for You quilt
- finish the AFI Top 100 films (so close, so very very close)
- finish cataloging my PEZ collection on Flickr
- declutter the house (got a great start, just need to finish up the basement & lightly go through the rest of the house)
- deplete yarn stash to fit in my wicker laundry basket with room to spare
- deplete fabric stash
- update my inspiration books completely
- transfer our favorite recipes onto cards
- complete the sock monkey blanket

Big list so far, huh?

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I think that I need to make a door draft too! My list keeps getting longer. lol