Friday, April 23, 2010

Just in Time...

Raspberry Waffle Hat

New season. New haircut. New hat?

Knitting sure has taken over my life. When I'm not working or exercising, I'm pretty much knitting. Housework is neglected (sorry mom). And I don't do things I used to do ALL the time. I haven't finished a book yet this year. So sad. Up until this year, I would read at least 2 books a month. Fiction, nonfiction. Classics, chick-lit, legal mysteries, biographies. Anything. And now, I can barely pick up a book, let alone read and finished one.

Despite losing my ability to complete even the shortest book, I at least have a small bounty of things to show for it. Loads of dishcloths (ok, not loads, but maybe 6 or so), some mittens that live a state away, slippers, and now a new hat to go with my Gay Paree City Scarf.

And hopefully soon, I will be starting on my first full sweater! The yarn has been bought (thanks to a special car trip to a yarn store into a neighboring town), I'm just waiting to finish up a couple small works-in-progress and then it's time cast-on. So it may just turn out that I don't end up finishing a single book this year.

Perhaps you could suggest some that I just won't be able to resist?


M said...

love the hat! Try "The Help"...I hear it is terrific. I'm on the hold list for it now.

Sarah said...

What you need to do, my dear, is discover the awesomeness that is audio books. I listen to books when I craft and it's FABOO!