Saturday, May 01, 2010

A Post A Day In May: Year 3 Starts

March Mystery Dishcloth KAL
March Mystery KAL Dishcloth

In an effort to finally get back into a blogging groove, I'm attempting to do my annual "A Post A Day In May" challenge. I'm not sure if the official challenge still occurs, but May's kinda my month, so why not keep it going.

Hopefully this will help me get back into using my camera more regularly and more importantly, taking the photos off and editing them more than twice a month.

I have a few ideas for weekly "features' to make it a bit easier to post, so we'll see how it works. This year is a bit different the past couple, as my new job has my daily schedule off from what it had been, I don't have as much time for recreational internet usage, and then there's the whole being active thing. Exercising like 5 days a week also eats up my already limited time (and I won't mention my husband who has commandeered the netbook, leaving me with the super slow imac - just kidding honey).

Mario Dishcloth
Mario Dishcloth

I'm still hard at work making dishcloths. I believe I'm up to 7 for the year, not a ton, but a good start. I figure I need at least 8 more to at least do a limited version of the gifts I wanted to put together for Christmas this year. If I get more done, then more people will have the gift packs bestowed to them.

The funny thing is I actually finished another one, that I had been picking up on and off for about a month in between clues for the March KAL. Just as I was getting ready to bind off, I held it up and sadly realized I had repeated a row so my picture was split in half. One half facing the proper way and the other half upside down.

You're probably wondering how I didn't notice earlier. But I had made a push one day to finish it and just was work, work, working. Sad, but true. I ended up frogging it completely. I'll reknit it eventually.

February Mystery Dishcloth KAL
February Mystery KAL Dishcloth

...eventually. But I've moved on for now.

I'm tackling my first full sweater! I'm hoping to have it complete for the state fair in August. I don't expect to place or anything, but hoping the pattern itself will draw some attention. It would be especially fun if I could get a pair of fair isle mittens knit in time as well - in a fun pattern. I guess I'm just hoping to spice things up in the competition. I learned last year when picking up my entry that the entrants are typically older women with very traditional styles, so it would be fun to see something atypical and maybe encouraging others in the younger age brackets to enter things. Fisherman sweaters aren't a requirement, so can do like anything with knitting.

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