Monday, May 10, 2010

Masochistic Mondays: Week 41

The Stats (as of May 10, 2010)
Starting Weight: 188 lbs
Current Weight: 176.6 lbs

So much for "A Post A Day In May," huh? I had a good streak going. Even thought about how I still needed to blog when we got back from a friend's house for dinner last night, then got engrossed in a documentary right before bedtime.

As I sit here munching on a small bowl of popcorn for breakfast (it's pretty much cereal, right? Minus the sugar), I thought I'd post early today and tell you all about my super active weekend. It was the most active weekend I have had in almost forever and it was great. Though vegging out on the couch with knitting and movies can be relaxing and mostly what I crave on weekends, I have now seen that doing fun, exercise-type stuff can be just as relaxing.

The weekend started Friday evening with an invitation to enjoy Fajita Night at a friend's house. This time of year, Mike is super busy at work and not home very much so I planned on going stag but I felt kind of guilty leaving Nibbler all night after she had been home alone all day, so instead of heading out on my scheduled run, I decided my time would better be spent taking Nibs on a nice long walk at the park. Despite being dog owners for two years now, we are very dependent on our backyard, so Nibbler doesn't get walked nearly as often as she deserves (I've decided to change that because it's not right, she needs more exercise). After an hour walk around the empty park, smelling all the smells and meeting a couple of new dogs and their talkative owner, we headed home and Nibbler got her dinner and conked out on her side exhausted. I then rushed off to dinner for some yummy fajitas. Yum, yum. I brought some Dulce de Leche Sandwich cookies for dessert to kind of stay in theme. Also delicious, but neither are really diet friendly. Though I didn't really limit myself on the fajitas, I did watch the cookie consumption, so at least I put in some effort.

Saturday, I started the morning off by taking Nibbler on the long route around the park. When we came back from the 2.75 mile walk, we found Nibbler fast asleep (he never naps!), so we snuggled on the couch, tired from our walk until he woke because we had some plans with friends to go on the interurban trail. The guys were going to ride 30 miles and the girls were going to do the 17 mile route, and then we were going to end at Sonic (which is right by where the trial starts) to satisfy my weeklong Sonic burger craving. Well, nature didn't really want to cooperate. It was chilly and W-I-N-D-Y! Everyone else bailed out, but Mike and I still headed out. We ended up riding only 10 miles because someone didn't dress appropriately (and he scoffed at me when I put on a stocking cap, ha!). But I still deemed the ride worthy of Sonic. I must say I would totally ride 10 miles for a Sonic cheeseburger, fries and a strawberry shake any day. Actually I would ride 17 miles for it! According to my Garmin, I burned 464 calories during the ride. (I wear the heart rate monitor in conjunction with it, so I can pretty much trust that right? Or is it only using time/distance averages based on my height & weight?) And according to my calculation from the Sonic website, my dinner was 1460 calories. So I probably should be eating Sonic every time I ride, but it's way better than eating it having not taken a long ride, right?

I must say, even with the extreme wind, the ride wasn't bad, so much so that we even went again on Sunday with the group. After starting the morning again with a walk in the park with Nibbler, I rode with my friend, mrsshoo, at a nice pace (nice pace = we can talk, prob around 10mph average) the whole 17 mile round trip. We actually almost made it to the halfway point before the guys caught up from their extended route, so we weren't going too slow. It was a beautiful day, so I'm so glad I decided to go along and not head to the Y for weight training and my weekly timed mile. It would have been ashame to waste the day inside. As per the original plan, we ended this ride at Sonic as well - but only for ice cream.

I am really pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the group bike outing. Despite not vegging on the couch all weekend, I had a fabulous weekend and look forward to having more active weekends like this.

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