Saturday, May 08, 2010

Simple Saturday: Exhaustion

The Nibbler and Her Spoon

A busy, busy day has us wiped out completely. Seriously, it's 8pm and I am contemplating heading upstairs to bed and maybe a little reading, but most likely just straight to sleep.

After a night of interrupted sleep (thanks to my dear Nibbler and her licking), Nibbler and I went for another walk in Washington Park. This time around the whole park loop and back to the house which is about 2.75 miles. When we got back home, back was fast asleep...for 2 hours! He never naps in the middle of the day. Nibbler and I just kind of chilled on the couch in our extremely COLD house and shortly after Mike got up, I drifted off for a brief cat nap snuggled with the pup while listening to podcasts.

Then Mike and I were off for a bike ride on the interurban trail. It was going to be a group ride, but the super windy conditions and brisk temps deterred our riding mates. Apparently a Sonic cheeseburger was not a big motivator for them. I've really been craving Sonic this week, so I set up this ride - it was supposed to be 17 miles, we only did 10 - to get my Sonic burger, fries and a strawberry shake. No guilt, yay! According to my Garmin and HRM, I burned 460ish calories on said ride. And according to the Sonic website, I ate approximately 1460 calories. Obviously it wasn't an even exchange, but the ride put a dent in it. I'm not entirely sure I should trust my Garmin calorie count, does anyone know? I'm wearing a heart rate monitor with it, so it should be more accurate than just using a time/distance standard, right?

Now I'm all (hot) showered and in my pjs, and I'm ready for bed. Currently Nibs is fast asleep next to me on the couch, all curled in a ball, and it looks so good. This is one of the only times I wish we had a tv in our bedroom. I could get all cozy in bed and fall asleep to Everybody Loves Raymond. I was trying to work on creating a knitting pattern (which I plan on providing as a freebie here, fingers crossed, at the end of the month), but it's taking some effort and concentration and I'm just not feeling up to it right now.

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