Monday, July 25, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes.

In Rocky Mountain National Park
Mike and I in Rocky Mountain National Park: July 2010

About a year ago, Mike and I were taking a quiet hike through Rocky Mountain National Park, our third vacation in about five years of marriage.

We took in the views, ran scared from tiny marmots and enjoyed the cool afternoon rain.

That's when we decided to have Colbie.

I've been home from work with her for the last five weeks, and though it's been exhausting at time, I've loved every minute of bonding with my little girl. It's still a little hard to believe I carried this for months.

One Day Old
Colbie during her first full day on earth: July 17, 2011
She's adorable, isn't she?! I think this is my favorite memory from her first few days. All her visitors and figuring out how to eat just wore her out.

I'm pretty sure we'll keep her.

It also was just over a year ago that I came to this space saying I needed a little break. There have been a handful of posts since, but I've basically ignored this blog in favor of running, tweeting, crafting and…growing a baby.

Now, I think it's the perfect time to renew this blog, in part to track my experience as a new mom but also to get back to my roots – my trials and tribulations with fitness, my love of cooking & making stuff.

Baby Doll
At one month old (a little more than a week ago), trying to find the perfect location to take monthly photos of her. She looks like a baby doll.

I'll show you some of the things I've made for Colbie in the coming days. So I hope you won't hold my absence against me and follow along.


Stacey C said...

Missed you! ;)

M said...

SO glad you are back here. I've missed you here even tho I get to see and have contact w/ you all regularly. thank you for such a precious bundle...she is a joy!

BGL said...

Let's go back!