Monday, November 01, 2010

2nd Annual BYOP

BYOP 2010

Things have been rather intense around here the past couple months, with layoff notice warnings & actual layoffs (one for each of us), the subsequent worries about making ends meet, trying to figure out how the heck to run a freelance and then new jobs lined up (yes, one for each of us), but one thing was clear even when it looked like we would both be out of work at the same time…

The show must go on and the annual BYOP Carving Party would happen. Even if we had to ask our friends to not only bring their own pumpkins, but to bring food as well.

Luckily, our luck shifted rather quickly. Mike was able to line up a new job a mere 4 days after being laid off (yet somehow I don't think he was able to enjoy his month of unemployment one bit). And I – well mine took a bit longer, about a month and a half after finding out my full time job would finished come the beginning of November, I was offered a new position at a company that (fingers crossed) will have a bit more stability.

Because of the shift in luck, we were able to treat our friends this weekend to fabulous fall evening, complete with pumpkin carving, food and silly costumes (though I must give a shout out to the De Wildes for providing a yummy pumpkin soup & a couple others who brought some sweets).


Since this year's festivities took place so close to Halloween, we left it up to our guests on whether they wanted to come in costume or not. We had everything from Babe-raham Lincoln to Where's Waldo to Lindsay Lohan.

I've been wanting to dress up as Coraline since last year. I was able to find the perfect rain slicker shortly after Halloween last year, so with my rain boots and some sprayed blue hair I was able to pull it off. Though I wasn't the most recognizable obviously since I was asked multiple times if I was the Morton salt girl - ha!

Fantastic Mr Fox

Mike surprised me the morning of the party, while I was cooking the day away, when he said he wanted to go to the party as the Fantastic Mr Fox. Now when we first saw the movie last year, I immediately thought he should dress up as him and even said I'd make him the costume. Nearly a year went by and no mention of it, not even when I spoke of my costume plans. But not wanting to snuff out the flicker of enthusiasm that matched my own, I said I would make it work - that I could make him a bandit cap to wear with a corduroy blazer & pants he already owned. I still have nearly an entire bolt of orange fur fabric from four years ago, so to Mike's amazement I was even able to give him little fox ears so he didn't look entirely like a burglar. If only he had told me the night before when I went to the costume store, I could have gotten him a fox nose to make the costume perfect.

The Hardware

It was a mellow evening that involved devouring buffalo chicken dip, Bugle crack (caramelized Bugles) and candy corn cupcakes. But it's definitely the kind of evening that suits me, and I'm already starting to think about next year.

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Sarah @ Daily Nibbles said...

Those pumpkins are so cute! And there's MIke:) So fun to see his face again.