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2010: The Year of the Dishcloth

2010: The Year of the Dishcloth

A little blast from the past for you today as I don't want to inundate you with ALL BABY, ALL THE TIME (though the reality is that Colbie and Colbie-related things will be showing up here quite a bit as I don't have much time for anything else – how do those mommy bloggers do it?!).

Last year one of my resolutions (in an attempt to unclutter our house a bit) was to use up all of my stashed cotton yarn. I had a habit of buying Sugar N Cream when it was on sale for 99 cents a skein and I thought a color was pretty. Needless to say I ended up with more than enough single skeins of color which isn't very practical project-wise as there's not a ton I could make with one skein of 100% cotton yarn times 10.

So I started the year off determined to knit all that cotton (plus all my cotton-ease – which is cotton blended with acrylic) into dishcloths that I could then gift at Christmas to those family members that insisted we NOT give them presents, but could not even think about not giving them some sort of token while we were celebrating the holidays with them. I ended up creating little gift sets of 3 cloths and a bar of handmade soap that I bought on etsy, and they appeared to go over well as I've found hand knit dishcloths was the best dishrags!

And though it was nearly impossible to become bored knitting dishcloths – they're so small that you finish them quick and there are thousands of free patterns so you never have to do the same one – I will admit that by Christmas I was sick of them. And of course, wouldn't you know it, I still had to finish two cloths before our final Christmas celebration. Thankfully we had a bunch of driving to do, the only crappy thing is my photos of the last couple turned out bad because I was snapping pictures in route to the final holiday get together (see row 2, picture 3 & 4). Surprisingly I'm actually a little sad that I don't have a project going on like this this year.


2010: The Year of the Dishcloth Fun Facts
  1. Favorite Pattern: Circle Cloth pattern (row 1, pic 4)
  2. Yes, row 2, pic 1 says "Your Mom" – a little tribute to my knit night friends with the sense of humor of 13-year-old boys.
  3. 7 patterns were designed by one person, Kris Knits, many of which were part of her monthly Mystery Dishcloth Pattern series. Sadly she had to stop creating them due to some personal reasons.
  4. I actually ended up knitting the same pattern twice on two occasions. Once on purpose, the other on accident.
  5. Row 4, pic 4 is the Dharma Initiative logo from LOST, I designed the pattern to commemorate the ending of the show and then offered the pattern for donations to my Relay of Life team (this was the pattern I knit twice on purpose).
  6. I actually knit the cloth pictured in row 1, pic 2 while participating in Relay for Life. I knit all but 8 rows while walking around the track all night – all in all I walked 10 miles (I wore my GPS watch) and only messed up once (this is the pattern, Waffle Knit Dishcloth, I knit twice on accident).

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