Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Am I Crazy?

Style Notebook

Mike says I'm crazy for doing this, but the alternative would be thousands of catalogs and magazines piled about…and the way we're moving around these days, what a pain in the butt it would be.

I can't be the only one.

I love magazines, mail and subsequently catalogs. They are brimming with visual inspiration on so many things from clothing to home decorating, as well as wonderful tips, tricks and recipes. There are other's out there like me…right?

People who love paging through magazines, marking things they want to come back to. Then demanding on the magazine, you end up having more than half of it marked. I admit, I am a bit strange in my magazine reading ritual. I first must go through and tear out any page that is heavier than the reast of the magazine (eg. perfume ads and those annoying little subscription cards). But besides that little quirk, I'm pretty sure that my clippings are normal.

I tear out all kinds of things. As you can see above, the one topic that has become the most organized is clothing style. All the clippings are gluesticked (ahh, is there anything as wonderful and useful as a gluestick…besides maybe Tivo) into a hardcover bound sketchbook. It's a wonderful resource. Just last night I was paging through trying to come up with a smart style out of my own clothes.

The mess

I have plans for the rest of my clippings to become as organized as the Style Book. I have another leftover sketchbook for my Design Major days that I'm reusing. Not only am I recyling, but some interesting layering happens with some of the scribbles that peek through the pasting.

A couple nights ago (in our Netflix downtime) I finally brought out my paper ream box filled with labelled manila folders of all my clippings. It's been about a year since the clippings, scissors, sketchbook and gluestick were all out at the same time, plus I needed a mindless activity to take me away from the unpacking/organizing that is my life now. The pile in the above picture is newly sorted from all the magazines I tore apart while packing up for the move. Up until I had to pack to move downstate, I had every issue of Real Simple magazine from 2001 to present in magazine files on my crafting table. Though I had every intention of going back into them (they even published a directory guide a couple years ago), I never had. Probably because the task had become so huge. I smacked my inner pack rat in line, and went through every magazine (sans 2006) and found most of what I was drawn to was the recipes and organizational articles.

It was a relief, actually, to release those 1000s of extra burdened pages to the trusty blue recycle bin.

What you can't see in "The Mess" above, is the stack of manila folders 5 inches high under the ottoman nor the mess on the floor by the chair of the remains of pages. No one has to know…right?


ivor1982 said...

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-Becky said...

You're defiantly not alone! I've just started my 4th notebook for magazine cutouts. These past 2 also are bigger than the first two. I can't see the sense in keeping around tons of magazines, letting them take up space, when I could just take out what I like and put it all in one book for nice reference.

Except for my knitting magazines. Those stay untouched ;o)

Tim said...

The Blue Recycle Bin sounds good for all that crap!

An Odd Duck said...

I do the same thing with home decor mags. Otherwise I would be buried in them, and, ahem, still am anyways.