Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Easter Round Up

Easter Bunny

A few days late, but the new job has wiped me the past couple nights.

Since I don't really like eggs, and especially hard boiled eggs, I rarely got to dye easter eggs as a youngin'. But this weekend, it became my job while at Mike's parents' house. Not only did I get to dye the eggs, I was also put in charge of creating the traditional Easter plate.

Easter Plate 2007

My family came down Sunday, so the entire family was able to celebrate together and enjoy the fun that a two-year-old, easter eggs and a piano can bring.

Easter Egg Hunt

We managed to have three Easter Egg Hunts for Bray… all in the course of an hour, in the 30 degree weather. Only the first one counted, after that Bray just kept asking, "Where more eggs?" So we kept hiding them and running around the yard in circles and picking them up until we were called in for dinner.

Play It Again Sam

And I leave you with this photo of a budding Jerry Lee Lewis… yes, we had a headache-inducing Easter, but it was fun.

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