Friday, April 06, 2007

My husband wishes I was his aunt

Travel Activity Tote - inside

Look at me deliver as promised! Finished with time to spare this morning, Bray's Easter present…a Travel Activity Tote. I was inspired by Kidding Around and a similar gift that she made up in the beginning of March.

Travel Activity Tote - front

She has a lot of great ideas for kids, which I guess comes from having kids and being creative. Bray sure is making out like a bandit, though, with my reading all you great craft blogging moms out there. In about six months time, he has gotten a felt birthday crown, a Wee Wonderful Archie doll, a fabric family photo album, a Superman cape and now this!

Travel Activity Tote - back

This tote is decked out with roll-proof crayon pockets, a drawing pad pocket, 3 Little Piggies pegs and car holders and a driving mat (complete with mountain range, lake with bridge, forest, neighborhood and cows in pasture) all in a convenient fold up portfolio with handles and a easy loop/button closure.

For those that are interested, folded up it's about 10 inches by 8 inches, flat it's 17 inches by 10 inches. It's small, but I'll see this weekend how the proportions fit a 2 year old.

AG Fund Jar

That's not the only thing I've been up to the last week, and boy, does it feel good to get crafting again. In addition to working on my Harry Potter Swap package, I "etched" this glass jar. Since Christmas I've been jealous of the "Poker Money" ceramic jar my mom gave Mike, but clearly understood that they didn't make one for PEZ addicts or American Girl collectors. So I decided since I'm resourceful, I could come up with some just as effective, if not cooler looking. And this is what I came up with with the use of a $3.00 Hobby Lobby jar, a $2.00 bottle of etching medium and some contact paper. Lo and behold, it sure is a lot more fun to put my extra dollar bills and loose change into this jar than it was to put it into a rusty old formula can. As I add coin by coin, or an occasional dollar bill, I'm able to dream briefly about what I may buy when the jar fills up.

I think that's it for me this week. I've got to finish packing us up for the weekend and work on one last minute gift in the last few hours before we leave for Mike's parents' house. We have a big family get together on Easter with my family coming down to celebrate too!

Have a Happy Easter, all! And I'll see you next week…New Job Week, yikes!

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