Friday, May 04, 2007

Another Great Swap

The Loveable Buddy Ron

My piece d'resistance…Ron Weasley.
Isn't he great? I'm really digging how he came out, way better than the last time I made a Knitted Babe. I made up the patterns for his sweater and his pants (and had to figure out his hair without the book). From the last time I made a Knitted Babe, I had a photocopy of the doll pattern, but I wanted to use the book to modify patterns to give Ron real clothes (unlike Harry, who only got swimming trunks and a scarf). I had a month to craft and I started the body two weeks before sign-ups ended, so I reserved the book at the library. It still hasn't come in, six weeks later! I panicked about two weeks before send outs and decided to buy the book or get it from another library (in my in-laws town and my old hometown). No luck on the library front nor in 3 bookstores & a few craft stores in 3 different cities. I finally had to wing it when he still wasn't done and sign-ups were a day away.

Just look at those cuffs

Do you see those cuffs? This guy is decked out. He has a sewn felt "shirt" complete with cuffs and collar, a Gryffindor sweater vest, uniform pants, a Gryffindor scarf, wand and a Prefect's badge.

The Weasley Life Savings - metallic Fimo coins

Oh, and a fistful of wizard coins. Ron's entire life savings. Originally I had thought I was going to use them on some sort of necklace, but I wasn't into learning the art of hemp jewelry. So instead, Ron gets some cash.

"The Monster Book of Monsters" ATC
Since I've decided ATCs should go in every swap package, I whipped up "The Monster Books of Monsters" complete with fuzzy brown paper and googly eyes, just like the real one.

Front of the DA shirt - Freezer Paper Stencil
And every Gryffindor should be part of Dumbledore's Army, so I got out the freezer paper and created a two sided DA shirt.

Back of the DA shirt - Freezer Paper Stencil
Down with Voldemort!

Weasley is our Kind bookmark
Every friend of Ron needs to show their support on the Quidditch Field for their favorite goalie. Though this number can only be used in books, and hopefully first in "Chamber of Secrets" which I sent along. Man, is it great having a few good used bookstores so close.

Gryffindor Calorimetry
And because I am to please, I made a requested Calorimetry in Gryffindor colors. (KC- if you're reading this, I swear my head is clean, pictures are better on the head than flat).

The End of Harry Potter Swap package
And everything all together.

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