Tuesday, May 01, 2007

St. Louis - The Arch

The Arch from our Hotel Window
Our view of the Arch from our hotel room…we're high-rollers.

Ummm…me posing?
Acting like a goof while posing next to the Arch.

The Moon Rising
The moon rising through the Arch during our after dinner walk downtown. If you're in St. Louis, get the Pasta Julia at Joseph's. Unbelievable.

The mighty Mississippi at dusk
The Mighty Mississippi on Prom Night.

Old Capitol
The Arch over the Old Capitol…one of the few photos from our evening walk without masses of prom goers sneaking into the frame.

Mike at the Very Top
Mike at the tippy top of the Arch. I have a much steadier hand than he does. Minutes before we found out the main reason why we went to STL was canceled (the Sunday night Cubs-Cards game).

Illinois taken at the angle of the arch window
A very ugly looking Illinois from atop the Arch (taken at the angle of Arch windows).

Downtown Snippet from atop the Arch
A much hipper Missouri.

The Dryer Size Capsule You Ride up in
The dryer capsule you ride up to the top of the Arch in. Pretty much an industrial size dryer barrel you share with 4 others.

My first trip into the state of Missouri turned out great. Wonderful, warm weather that left hints of sun on the skin. Awesome view from a hotel room with a real, cooshy bed (it was actually weird to sleep on a real bed). Incredible dinner. And some great quality time with my best friend without worries of work or cleaning or bills or excessive internet use (though we did take advantage of free hi-speed at the hotel).

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