Monday, August 27, 2007

Z is for Zero.

Image scanned from my SchoolHouse Rock lyrics book.

• # of times I've broken a bone.
• # of times I've been drunk (if you combined all the alcohol I've ever had into one night, I still couldn't get drunk off it).
• # of times I've been knocked out/drugged/etc in the medical sense (even when my wisdom teeth were extracted I was fully awake just numbed with 7 shots of novicane).
• # of times traveled abroad for purely recreation (though I did have fun while studying abroad in Italy, I did go there to learn!).
• # of pets I currently have (I want my very own puppy).
• amount left on my car loan.
• tolerance for pancakes.
• # of concerts I've attended since graduating college (from junior year in high school on I went to at least 2 concerts a year, if not more).
• # of Charles Dickens books read, let alone picked up.
• # of James Bonds films seen.
• Preferred soda - Sprite or Coca Cola varieties (we even have some Sprite Zero in the fridge now, I cracked yesterday and bought some when I had an upset stomach).
• # of She-Ra doll or My Little Ponies I still have (She-Ra rocked, I even had one of the playsets. And I still think about the one MLP I had that was blue with a rainbow on the butt and rainbow hair).
My Hero, Zero - a SchoolHouse Rock song (not my favorite, but it fits). Seriously in love with SchoolHouse Rock. Have been for since middle school. Helped me in freshman biology class getting through a test on the cardiovascular system. "In through the arteries, Out through the veins. The heart pumps the blood than it does it again. Come ON! Everyone! Exercise your BODY for circulation." When we have kids, they will watch the shows too.

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Stacey said...

Awww... Z means you're done! :( Poop, I liked reading these, you should do it again and again and again just to make me happy :)

School's not the same without you at 8 am, you know ;)