Saturday, December 15, 2007

For the love of…Swaps

A Modern Red Riding Hood

I recently finished the *Run Away With Me* Clothespin Doll swap on swap-bot. It peaked my interest because what is more fun than painting little wood figures, right? Inspired for over a year by her, her, her, her, her, (oh wait that's me, hee hee) and her. And the last link is actually a clothespin doll by corgipants, adorable right?! The thing with me though, is I have a hard time crafting without a purpose. I don't often make things for myself (which drives Mike mad), and really gift giving occasions and swaps are how I manage to craft. Sad but true. I need direction. I need deadlines (though those don't always help). I wish I was able to motivate myself to create just to create, but I'm not…yet (perhaps a New Year's Resolution?)

Basically the gist of the swap was make a clothespin doll that is going on a trip, and with it create a matchbox suitcase full of the things it would need in its travels.

Inside the Orange Suitcase

This is the gal I came up with for my partner, a modern Little Red Riding Hood, based loosely on myself and the weekend trip we take to visit family. As you can see all she needs are some comfy pjs and slippers, a change of clothes, a knitting project and Real Simple.

I think she turned out great, with her billowing red hooded cape and tiny Real Simple magazine. I have about 20 more clothespins, so hopefully I'll make some more in the near future.

Sandy Claus

Sandy's Candy Cane Suitcase

I received Sandy Claus in return, just in time for Christmas. She's decked out in front of a "giant" gold tinsel Christmas Tree on our dining room table for the holidays.

And though things are going to be super busy at work through the middle of February, I figured this swap might keep my spirits high. What could be more perfect than a swap revolving around hot chocolate in the dead of winter and brightening your partner's dreary season anonymously.

It sounds like fun, I hope I can get in.

Look into it, if you like hot chocolate, knitting and swapping, sign ups start tomorrow.


Jenna Z said...

Boy, aren't clothespin dolls fun? I'm going to have to make another one, I haven't in so long! Ugh, I am just so busy with other things. Hope your holidays are going well!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sarah! Your little mini you is too adorable. I want one so I can take you with me on all my adventures. Love you! See you soon, - Darcy