Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baby Break

Tangelo Saartjes
Project #11 in '50 in 2008' challenge - Tangelo Saartjes Bootees

Helicopter View

Yes, elephants can sit on their behinds!
Project #10 in '50 in 2008' challenge - Bayas y Crema, el elefante

MacKenzie's Hand Embroidered Patch

MacKenzie's Chocolate Lolliop Blankie
Project #12 in '50 in 2008' challenge - MacKenzie's Chocolate Lollipop Blankie

I'm taking a bit of a break from major publication design this weekend. Lots of typesetting is now changing to designing, shifting and rearranging…and I still don't have the articles yet! It'll be tough to meet that Wednesday deadline.

So this is little triad of baby gifts is what I've been up to this month. They went out in the mail 2 Wednesdays ago for a baby shower last weekend. The catch is, my sister called with the request two weeks before I needed to send them out.

You should have heard her original request! A garter stitch fairy dress, a scalloped embroidered baby blanket and a handknit stuffed animal to match these commercially available ones. Ahhh, non-crafters, it's funny how they don't really understand what it takes. At least she appreciated it, and from what I heard, all the gifts went over great at the shower. How come all the gifts I do for shower that I won't attend go over well and when I go, they just get brushed to the side? Figures, right?

Instead of her requested items, as you can see I just did things that I've been wanting to make for a long time. That's the trouble with baby knits. They are all just so cute, but it's hard to justify knitting them up when you don't know any babies.

But more baby knits will be in my future. Lonny put in a second order for handmade shower gifts (another elefante and saartjes bootees are in my future), this time I have a bit more time…whew!


kasiaiscarly said...

i love the elephant!

you're making real headway on 50 objects complete! good for you!

Alice said...

Absolutely adorable stuff! The color of the Saartjes is the prettiest I've seen yet :)