Saturday, April 05, 2008

Welcome Home!

First Romp in the Yard

We brought home the newest member of our family today. The cutest little 8-week old border collie mix (her 9 other brothers and sisters were pretty cute too). We have yet to find a perfect name for her, but are working on other things…like romping in the yard and feeling comfortable in the new surroundings.

New Home Kisses

Though a bit timid while still at the shelter, she started warming up to me during the short car ride home. At one point I thought she might become adventuresome enough to try and jump into the back seat from my lap. By the time we got home and introduced her to her own area of the house, she was climbing into my lap and giving me kisses.

Likes 'em Chicago Style

And thanks to the beautiful weather, we were able to spend plenty of time exploring the yard (and the deck). I can't decide what was more funny. Watching her munch on this hot dog or seeing her gallop back and forth across the yard with Mike.

Cozied Up

After such an exciting day, she's been napping on and off in her new den…complete with blankie. My first April project was made up special for her last night, using only things from my stash. It turned out pretty cute. You may note I added a big felt bone to it. The back fabric has boats and fish, I didn't want there to be any confusion that this maybe for a cat.

New Puppy Blanket
Project #14 in '50 in 2008' challenge - Puppy Blanket

Especially since the wandering cat, whose prints we would occasionally see in the snow on our drive and deck, made an appearance right at our sliding door this evening as we were playing with our little girl in her area. She didn't seem to like the peeping tom cat (and neither did Mike or I).

So we're off on a new adventure, wish us luck! And forward to some adorable puppy shots from time to time.


kasiaiscarly said...

PUPPIES!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! For the sake of your crafty-ness, I hope your puppy does not take to destroying everything left in a crate with her like Zosia did! She's awfully cute, though!

Anonymous said...

She is soooooo cute!!!! I'm jealous! I love dogs so much!! Enjoy your time with her...they grow up fast!! I can't wait to see more cute pictures! Congratulations!!

Stacey said...

This is late but your puppy is so freakin cute!!