Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Fortnight Later…

Studio Light Box
Project #15 in '50 in 2008' Challenge - The Studio Light Box

So it's been awhile, huh?

After two weeks of mega working, life with a puppy took over. Though one of us comes home at lunch each day to let Nibbler out and play with her, I just haven't been able to pull myself away from her a night when I get home. I feel to guilty. Even TV watching has been taking place on the hard wood floors, as opposed to my nice comfy chair.

We're melding well as a family. It's wonderful to have a little puppy who is so excited to see us each morning, lunch and evening. My favorite time is morning snuggles after Nibs has gone potty. We sit on the floor in the kitchen (It's a bit chilly down there) and she crawls into my lap.

But then the nipping begins. Yes, we definitely have a nipping problem. I've read that this usually comes around 5-6 months, so that has me worried that we may have a real biter on our hands. Professional training will probably start mid-May, we've got a bit too many weekend trips planned until then and we don't want to miss too many classes.

Overhead Shot of Studio Light Box
Project #15 in '50 in 2008' Challenge - The Studio Light Box

Enough with the puppy update (…for now). As I said, time's been a bit short. It makes me wonder how all those blogging moms do it. It's amazing when you really think about it. They craft. They're taking care of kids all day. And they're blogging almost daily. Yikes.

For heaven's sake, it took me nearly 2 weeks to complete this rather simple project…a Studio Light Box. I was just taping 5 pieces of foam board together. But I did have to do it all on our coffee table, since Nibs isn't allowed upstairs yet, I haven't brought myself to stealing away time in my studio/guest room after work.

I'm really excited about finally making one of these, it's been on my list for almost a couple years now.

I'm finally going to be able to take pictures of all my PEZ dispensers individually without distractions! It'll be nice for those projects I finish but lack natural light to photograph them in as well. The only problem is figuring out where I'm going to store this thing, it's 30" x 20" x 20".

Molly's Bike - Studio Light Box Test 1Felted Christmas Wreath via Studio Light Box
The First Test Runs of the Studio Light Box - from the front & from the top

I think I'm going to have to add an additional piece to make the background more seamless. When I photograph larger items, you can definitely see the corners.

I've got a few projects & cooking plans up my sleeve within the next week, so hopefully I won't fall so far behind again. The question I need to figure out is whether I will include a cooking project in my '50 in 2008' challenge. I think this one might fall into a crafty arena, but I'll have to see how I feel after the project finishes up.

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