Monday, August 18, 2008

Kitchen Art (or How to Store Cookbooks)

Cookbook Shelves

Two things I love (besides the obvious like my husband, dog and family) are magazines and glue sticks.

I've actually talked at length about my obsession with glue sticks before so I won't get into again. But I love glue sticks and sticking ability, and I love magazines and their plethora of entertainment and inspiration. Anything that catches my fancy is torn out and saved. First in piles. Then in file folders by category. And finally glue sticked into hardcover journals by category.

One image I have been going back to for a couple years in my home decorating book is a dining room with long picture ledges lined with cookbooks. Facing out for all the world to see what yummy treat might be inside.

Now finally I have my own version and I love it.

A great use of some dead space in our kitchen.

Though now I'm thinking I really do need a third ledge. Though since I blew our monthly home improvement budget with the purchase, I'll just have to wait. Plus it'll give Mike some time to cool off from the installation of these.

Because needless to say it was not the best way to enjoy a Saturday afternoon. But we got them up eventually…and it's been a couple days and they haven't fallen off with the weight of the books on them.

Hopefully it will stay that way.


kasiaiscarly said...

what a neat idea!

Anonymous said...

They look terrific and you both did a lovely job! Great idea for displaying your favorite cookbooks!
Lovve ya both, M

Jenna Z said...

Those look awesome! Dude, tell me about it! When Mike and I moved into this house we put up some shelves and we were about tearing each other's hair out! Shelves are NOT fun to hang. I wish I had some dead wall space in my kitchen, mine is all cabinets and doors and appliances, no wall space at all! Where am I supposed to put my crap?

Anonymous said...

lookin good.

Anonymous said...

That's such an awesome idea, Huff. If I ever get a place, I'm flying you out to help me decorate.


Megan said...

That looks beautiful!

Great idea. :)