Friday, August 15, 2008

World Traveler

Chocolate Lollipop Passport Wallet - Close Up
Project #20 in '50 in 2008 Challenge' - Chocolate Lollipop Passport Wallet

Look at my crafty productivity!

In preparation for our VACATION (!!!) next month, I made myself a passport wallet. Making sure my passport will be nice and safe while we are traveling the high seas.

I've been wanting to make this wallet since last summer when the project ran in the now-defunct Adorn magazine. And thanks to the internet and the fine community of crafters, disaster was averted when I went to start the project Sunday and realized only the instructions are in the issue I bought.

Chocolate Lollipop Passport Wallet - FrontChocolate Lollipop Passport Wallet - Back

That's right, no pattern, no measurements. Just directions.

I screamed actually. Because as my luck would have it, Adorn magazine is no longer around and their website is finally offline, so therefore no pattern download. Luckily after a very short Google search a lovely person on Flickr had linked directly to the PDF download. So the Adorn site isn't completely gone yet, they just say it is.

I have learned my lesson (or have I? I've probably said this before). If I see a pattern I like, I must download it or print to PDF right away. Or else when I really do want to start the project it is inevitable that the pattern will be gone, or unavailable for free anymore (can anyone say Leia wig? I'm still kicking myself on that one. Or what about Magknits?).

Chocolate Lollipop Passport Wallet - Inside

One lesson I still have not learned, though, is adhering to seam allowances! Or making sure I'm using my pattern pieces properly. Despite those things, my wallet did turn out pretty good. If I had those 1/2" seam allowances, though, it would have turned out great.

But you want to know what makes me even happier than finishing this project a month before I need (which is a feat unto itself)?

The fact that I used a fabric that I love on something for myself!


Anonymous said...

I love it! The passport holder is really cute. Your sister is going out of the country in October, it would be nice for her. Or maybe she can just borrow yours.


Anonymous said...

Huff, Your passport holder is fabulous. You did an awesome job. Any chance you could email me the pdf?


Anonymous said...

i have the templates, but i lost my instructions to this wallet and haven't been able to find them! any way you can post or email them? thank you.

Anonymous said...

hello...will it be possible to email the template? i'd greatly appreciate it.